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There are large differences in inspectors. The majority are average, a few are so-so and a few are very good. You want one of the very good ones.

What you need is the best value for your money. California does not regulate private inspections so it’s vital that you interview any inspector based on the following list.

How much do you charge? This question is ultimately valid, but making sure that you’re hiring an inspector with plenty of knowledge and training means not shopping by price alone. Experienced inspectors do a better job and tend to charge a bit more. Commercial building inspections start at $825.

May I view a sample report? Looking at a sample report is the single best method of comparing inspection companies. Make sure the key points are easy to find and to understand. We avoid vague or broad terms which can be confusing. If a sample report is not forthcoming, that's a red flag!  

How long have you been in business? There is no substitute for experience in this business. Five years is a good minimum, but there are those who’ve been inspecting a long time without continuing education. Longevity alone is not enough. Corey Folsom has 12 years as a full-time property inspector and participates in extensive ongoing education.

E&O insurance? Your inspector should be insured for “errors and omissions” including a referring agent liability protection clause. We are also bonded and carry general liability insurance. This is another good indication of professionalism.  

Are you licensed? California does not license property inspections. Membership in respected certifying associations and the experience of the individual inspector is key.  

Will I get an inspection report on site? No. Beware of generic inspection reports, which are hurriedly generated on site. All of the time we book with you is spent on the inspection of the property. The creation of an in-depth, detailed report takes additional hours of careful thought and consideration.

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