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Inspectors have widely varying qualifications, experience, reporting methods and pricing. We retain qualified engineers, technicians and servicepersons who possess all applicable certifications and credentials. Protecting our clients' interest is our daily focus.

There is no such thing as a defect-free building, but we help you understand the major systems and structures; how they work and their current condition to provide you with the accurate and unbiased information you need.

Commercial property inspections throughout California since 2003

We uphold the high standards of professionalism of people who refer us.

We continually increase the breadth and depth of our knowledge.

Chief inspector, Corey Folsom, has inspected thousands of buildings in 15 years as a property inspector. He conducts real estate trainings and has authored numerous articles and training guides. Corey Folsom is a graduate of Inspection Training Associates, CDW Commercial Inspection Training, College of Eastern Utah and the Santa Rosa Ranger Academy.

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Empowering people to make sound decisions
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